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My name is Gurvan, and I am a native French translator based in Normandy, France.

I am passionate about foreign languages, personal development, and website creation.

My primary specialization is in the Russian language. Since 2014, I have been a French teacher for Russian speakers, and in 2021, I established my translation agency, French Translation, focusing on Russian to French translations.

Expanding my linguistic skills, I also teach French to English speakers, leveraging my successful experience in French language instruction.

Additionally, with proficiency in English, I have extended my services to translate from English to French.

I am dedicated to providing high-quality translation services and language instruction to support my clients in effective communication in both professional and personal contexts.

Written translations

I exclusively translate texts from English to French: cover letters, resumes, websites and I adapt documents to ensure they are easily understood by the French and aligned with French comprehension.

The translation will be seamless!


I can translate your resume English to French, check your translation, or compose the resume for you!

Cover letter

I can translate your cover letter from English to French, check your translation, or compose the letter for you!


I assure you a seamless translation of your website into French because I am not just a translator but also a webmaster!

I have previously crafted numerous websites in foreign languages, including this one.

Hence, I grasp the significance of a translation that seamlessly integrates into the overall development of your website.


My main focus lies in proofreading letters, resumes, and cover letters intended for the French administration.

Ensuring impeccable French text and adept adaptation of terms to fit seamlessly into the French context is of utmost importance to me.


The price for a translation into French is indicated here.

Questions - answers

Since 2014, I have been translating French grammar and pronunciation for my beginner English-speaking students.

Since 2021, I have translated and reviewed dozens of resumes and cover letters for the French administration.

In 2022, I created an English website for self-learning French, specifically designed for children and beginners.

Yes, I am also a Russian-French translator.

I specialize in translating CVs, cover letters, and websites from Russian to French. I also offer oral translation services.

Yes, I have been successfully providing online French lessons for children and adults since 2014.

My specialty is teaching French to beginner children aged 10 and above with a touch of humor!

In France, I also give in-person French lessons in Le Havre, Normandy.

I can teach French for Russian speakers and Bulgarians as well!