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A cover letter (la lettre de motivation) should be crafted in perfect French, and only a native translator can guarantee you an excellent translation!

You need to write a cover letter and a French resume if, for example, you want to enroll in a university in France or find a job in a French company.

In addition, you will need an official diploma in French, such as DELF, to validate your proficiency for universities. I am also an online tutor for DELF preparation!

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I can translate your cover letter from English to French, check your translation, or compose the letter for you!


The price for the translation of a cover letter is indicated here.

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Certainly, I can compose a letter in French for you.

To proceed, let’s discuss the necessary details.

Feel free to reach out to me directly!

Contact me directly!

I’ve translated and reviewed numerous cover letters.

As a native French speaker, I can assure flawless translation quality, particularly important for letters related to obtaining residency in France.

Absolutely, I frequently undertake the task of refining French translations to ensure a flawless outcome.

I address grammar, syntax, and tailor the vocabulary to the French context to ensure the translation is authentically French!