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About me


My name is Gurvan, and I am a native French translator based in Normandy, France.

I am passionate about foreign languages, personal development, and website creation.

My primary specialization is in the Russian language. Since 2014, I have been a French teacher for Russian speakers, and in 2021, I established my translation agency, French Translation, focusing on Russian to French translations.

Expanding my linguistic skills, I also teach French to English speakers, leveraging my successful experience in French language instruction.

Additionally, with proficiency in English, I have extended my services to translate from English to French.

I am dedicated to providing high-quality translation services and language instruction to support my clients in effective communication in both professional and personal contexts.


Since 2014, I have been providing online French lessons and successfully translating grammar rules and French pronunciation for my beginner English-speaking students.

Since 2021, I have been conducting reviews and translating texts from English to French, including resumes, cover letters, and correspondence for the French administration.


In 2021, I founded the translation agency French Translation, specializing in translating texts from Russian to French.

My focus has primarily been on translating resumes, cover letters, and websites.

As I started receiving requests for English to French translations and found success in producing quality results, I decided to expand the services.

Consequently, in 2023, I established the translation agency EN French Translation.

And there you have it!


I am also an online French language tutor and have established the EN French Teachers language school.

My specialization is French for beginners, especially children.

I can explain French grammar in English for children and beginners, making everything understandable right from the first lesson!


Additionally, I am a webmaster and have developed several websites:


In 2020, I wrote the textbook French Very Fast! in Russian for children and beginners (level A1, PDF, 110 pages).

Questions - answers

Since 2014, I have been translating French grammar and pronunciation for my beginner English-speaking students.

Since 2021, I have translated and reviewed dozens of resumes and cover letters for the French administration.

In 2022, I created an English website for self-learning French, specifically designed for children and beginners.

Yes, I am also a Russian-French translator.

I specialize in translating CVs, cover letters, and websites from Russian to French. I also offer oral translation services.

I have written a French grammar book for children and beginners in Russian, along with a website for self-studying French easily.

Yes, I have been successfully providing online French lessons for children and adults since 2014.

My specialty is teaching French to beginner children aged 10 and above with a touch of humor!

In France, I also give in-person French lessons in Le Havre, Normandy.

I can teach French for Russian speakers and Bulgarians as well!


I teach French to beginner children starting from the age of 10; it’s my specialty!

I can explain French pronunciation and grammar in a simple and fun way.

During my classes, I enjoy telling jokes in French (are you familiar with Toto’s jokes?) and the children have a lot of fun!