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French translation

I am a native French speaker living in France, with a deep understanding of the French mentality and customs, enabling me to provide a perfect translation tailored to French culture.

Furthermore, as a French teacher, I have a strong grasp of grammar, French expressions, allowing me to deliver high-quality translations. 

Yes! I am a translator and a native French speaker, and I personally handle all translations.

I am French, so I translate from English to my native language, and you will get a result that is 100% French!


Native translator

Since 2014, I have been translating French grammar and pronunciation for my beginner English-speaking students.

Since 2021, I have translated and reviewed dozens of resumes and cover letters for the French administration.

In 2022, I created an English website for self-learning French, specifically designed for children and beginners.

Yes, I am also a Russian-French translator.

I specialize in translating CVs, cover letters, and websites from Russian to French. I also offer oral translation services.

I have written a French grammar book for children and beginners in Russian, along with a website for self-studying French easily.

Yes, I have been successfully providing online French lessons for children and adults since 2014.

My specialty is teaching French to beginner children aged 10 and above with a touch of humor!

In France, I also give in-person French lessons in Le Havre, Normandy.

I can teach French for Russian speakers and Bulgarians as well!


I teach French to beginner children starting from the age of 10; it’s my specialty!

I can explain French pronunciation and grammar in a simple and fun way.

During my classes, I enjoy telling jokes in French (are you familiar with Toto’s jokes?) and the children have a lot of fun!


Your French-language website will be impeccable, giving the impression that it was crafted by a native French speaker!

Recognizing the significance of website translation, I, as a webmaster, have developed multiple websites in Russian, Bulgarian, and English, reinforcing my understanding of its importance.

Absolutely, I am highly proficient in WordPress, and all my websites are created using this platform.

If you need your WordPress site translated into French, I can do it directly on WordPress, saving you time!

Cover letter

Certainly, I can compose a letter in French for you.

To proceed, let’s discuss the necessary details.

Feel free to reach out to me directly!

Contact me directly!

I’ve translated and reviewed numerous cover letters.

As a native French speaker, I can assure flawless translation quality, particularly important for letters related to obtaining residency in France.

Absolutely, I frequently undertake the task of refining French translations to ensure a flawless outcome.

I address grammar, syntax, and tailor the vocabulary to the French context to ensure the translation is authentically French!


Yes! I can write your resume in French; I’ll need to discuss the necessary information with you.

Contact me directly!

I have translated dozens of resumes from English to French, mostly as part of the process for obtaining residency in France.

Yes, I can correct the translation of your resume in French to ensure it is flawless in terms of meaning, grammar, and spelling.


I’ve conducted dozens of reviews of resumes, cover letters, and correspondence intended for the French administration.

If you have a document in French translated into English, please send it to me, and I’ll take a look and provide my thoughts.

I’ll give you quotes based on the required changes.


On average, I translate a page of 250 words within 45 minutes to 1 hour, a duration that includes proofreading for maximum quality.

For payment, reach out to me directly to discuss the best method for you.

To order a translation, contact me directly!

I respond very quickly!